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The PsyChakra™ Cards utilizes artwork to help individuals tune in and process their emotions and feelings. PsyChakra was coined by Dr. Empath, while the artwork was created by Tiannah Malika and MyLin Stokes-Kennedy.


Both artists were given a word/emotion to produce on the canvas while only painting with the colors of the chakra that the word/emotion it’s associated with. The cards can be used as an oracle deck by shuffling the deck facing down and picking the card that falls out or is chosen. It can also be used in therapy by allowing the client to choose which painting speaks to how they feel currently or felt during a situation they are discussing during their session.


The goal is to allow you or the individual to embrace the emotion and be provided with tips and positive words to support growth and higher vibration. The PsyChakra™ Cards are perfect for individuals who not only love art, but find that artistic expression, colors, emotions, behaviors, and spirituality are one.


To learn more about Dr. Empath, the creator of this collaborative project, visit Psychakra Oracle Cards

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PsyChakra - 1st Series