Tiannah Birdsong, also known as Spike Teee,
is a multi-dimensional creative, residing in Atlanta, GA.
She was born to West Indian parents in Brooklyn and grew up in New York.
Tiannah’s Caribbean background, life's experiences, the city, and music,
have had a significant influence on her art style.
Tiannah has a knack for storytelling,
using photography and cinematography. She has spent the last 10+ years,
working behind-the-scenes of films, music videos, and other creative collaborations. 
In addition to film and art,
Tiannah specializes in maternity, children, beauty,
and wedding photography.
She is a strong advocate for women,
especially those who are experiencing
every stage of motherhood. 
Having lost her first son during childbirth,
she's devoted her platform to help those who have suffered
the same unfortunate circumstance. 
From a young budding artist,
Tiannah has been guided and influenced by life's ups and downs, 
God, faith, love, joy, family, friendships, and grief. 
 Tiannah creates in hopes to raise the vibration of others... 
while also inspiring challenging, deeper meanings. 
When Tiannah isn't holding a camera or paintbrush,
she spends her time with her loving husband Kareem,
and her beautiful son Manny.
There's always a beautiful story to be told.
 Tiannah has an interest in a variety of art styles.
Her style is influenced by contemporary, modern nouveau, expressionism, and abstract art.
Tiannah's nature photography and fine art pieces
were featured in several art shows in Atlanta, GA. 
Tiannah has an M.F.A. in Documentary Film Studies & Production from Hofstra University
and a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism from Hampton University.
She has a background in producing, filming,
editing videos and documentaries, as well as, photography.


"I strive to exhibit the poetic existence,

of the neverending waves of life.

I only wish that through the creative tools used,

I may find more understanding and acceptance,

of life's non-linear jumps from the past, present, and future.

Follow me on my journey."